Specialized Military Ammunition is your source for premium, MILSPEC, tracer and incendiary ammunition in popular military calibers including .223 / 5.56, .308 / 7.62, 9mm, .45 Auto and 7.62x39mm as well as other popular calibers.  SMA tracer is always bright ignition and bright tracer; that means it lights right out of the barrel and is easily visible in daylight.  SMA Incendiary is available in two types; IM28 which is an older but effective compound as well as the state of the Raufouss Zirconium compound which ignites diesel and kerosene.  Satisfaction is ALWAYS 100% guaranteed.

Specialized Military Ammunition, LLC (SMA) was started in 1991 as a small business to support the emerging needs of SOCOM for foreign ammunition cross training and fabrication of mission specific ammunition, from small lots of 100 rounds to 10,000 rounds. SMA prospered with this relationship and continued to expand, eventually entering limited sales to civilians.


In the mid 2000's contracts began to shrink dramatically due to funding decreases, and private civilian sales began to dominate the majority of our business. We have been fortunate to evaluate many types of foreign and domestic high performance ammunition from .380acp tracer and incendiary rounds, 5.56NATO / .223REem. tracer, raufoss, and penetrator rounds, 7.62NATO / .308Win. raufoss, and tracer rounds as well as foreign military ammunition and incorporate the best of what we tested into our product.


SMA has had the opportunity to establish invaluable relationships with people on the leading edge of advanced ammunition technology and development. We will gladly share information and experiences with our customers to ensure that all expectations are met and common pitfalls are avoided.


We currently offer new loaded specialty ammunition, recovered reloading components and brass processing for 5.56 and 7.62 NATO as well as loaded ammunition - both civilian and military. Common products range from demilitarized components to new small arms ammunition components such as ball, tracer, incendiary, incendiary tracer, armor piercing and armor piercing incendiary in NATO and COMBLOCK calibers.

Our Policy


SMA fully gurantees all ammunition sold 100%.  If there is a complaint; either a full refund will be given or more ammunition.  The customer is always right!  Even if the "incendiary doesn't trace when shot in the air."  Tracer is a flare in the base of the bullet ignited by the propellant, incendiary is a charge loaded in the nose of the bullet jacket and is detonated upon impact with a hard object.  



We only accept orders by phone.  This is done to protect the customer.  Online shopping carts are best suited for mass production items.  Our ammunition is hand made and it takes time to fabricated and load.  Speaking to us on the phone also allows questions and establishes what the customer really wants to have our ammunition for.  We also can take a few extra days to ship.  This is because we may have to fabricate the ammunition ordered if it's not on the shelf.  Be patient with us and we will always do our best to make sure you get what you want.  Remeber we shoot this ammo also!