.300 Black Out Tracer and Incendiary Ammunition

Our .300 Black Out ammunition utilizes a new, Lake City primed 5.56 case prior to forming and trimming into .300Blk.  We can provide ammunition on cases that do not have the crimped primer upon request.  All .300Blk cases are head spaced, (shoulder), to minimum and overall length set to minimum, the neck is trued to be perpendicular to the case head and the neck tension set to SAAMI specifications to ensure the best possible case.


.300 Blackout Raufoss HE Incendiary + Tracer


This projectile combines a heavy charge of Raufoss HE Incendiary compound with SMA's jade green trace.  The Raufoss HEI charge weight is the same as the HEI ammunition below plus a bright ignition and bright green trace.  The Raufoss HEI compound is the only incendiary compound capable of reliably igniting heavy fuels such as diesel and kerosene.  Use caution when impacting targets with flammable materials within 15ft of impact.


In Stock - $45/10rds, $88/20rds

.300 Blackout Self-Destroying Thermite



.300 Blackout Self Destroying Thermite Incendiary

This projectile is identical to the 7.62x39 Self Destroying Thermite Incendiary (SDTI), has a thermite payload that is fused to self-destroy at approximately 300m.  The burst is approximately 40ft in diameter and is highly visible at night.  The appearance of the burst is very similar to an ariel burst firework.  The burst is not visible in daylight but is functioning perfectly.  IT IS ONLY SAFE TO SHOOT THIS AMMO AT 45deg OR STEEPER.  This is a very powerful incendiary projectile. 


In Stock - $35/10rds

.300Blk Roufoss High Explosive Incendiary

The .300Blk Roufoss High Explosive Incendiary, (HEI), utilizes a 118gr incendiary projectile to maximize performance.  This ammunition is capable of igniting heavy fuels such as diesel and kerosene.  Use caution when firing this ammunition as it is easily capable of igniting flammable materials within 15ft of point of impact. 



In Stock Roufoss HEI - $40/10rds, $78/20rd box

.300Blk Incendiary

.300Blk incendiary utilizes a full metal jacket projectile that is loaded with a pressure sensitive explosive which will detonate when it impacts a hard target.  The secondary explosion is ideal for determining the point of impact on hard targets such as steel plates or rocks as well as igniting flammable materials such as gasoline and/or propane, etc.  The secondary explosion is very loud and the flash and smoke are easily visible in daylight providing instant feed back to the shooter.  Use caution when firing this ammunition as the secondary explosion is capable of igniting flammable materials within 10ft of point of impact.


Will build for order, currently not stocked - $35/10rds, $68/20rd box

.300Blk Subsonic and Supersonic Green Tracer

.300Blk green supersonic tracer utilizes a projectile that weighs 125gr and a brilliant jade green bright ignition and trace tracer compound.  This tracer is visible in bright daylight and will function reliably from any length barrel.  Loaded on Lake City virgin brass formed into .300Blk.  Velocity is 2100fps.


Supersonic In Stock - $20/10rds


Subsonic ios Out of Stock -  $25/10rds, $30/20rd box