5.56 NATO / .223 Rem Tracer and Incendiary Ammunition.  All 5.56mm ammunition meets or exceeds MILSPEC.  Our tracer and incendiary ammunition is loaded on new USGI primed brass whenever possible. 

New - 5.56NATO / .223Rem.  Armor Piercing Tracer

We now carry 5.56mm Armor Piercing Tracer ammunition.  This projectile has an M855 type penetrator and a red bright ignition and trace tracer.  The trace lights immediately out of the barrel and traces for 300m minimum from a 1:7 twist barrel.  The trace will be 100m or more longer out of a slower twist barrel such as 1:9 or 1:12.  


Currently in Stock     $25 / 10rds, $48/20rds

5.56NATO Raufoss High Explosive Incendiary

The 5.56mm Raufoss High Explosive Incendiary, (HEI), is capable of igniting heavy fuels such as diesel and kerosene.  It is 40% more powerful than the standard 5.56mm incendiary.  This ammunition produces a brilliant white flash, with brisance, (burning  high temperature of fuel / oxidized metals), upon impact and large volumes of smoke.  Use caution when using this ammunition as it is able to ignite flame resistant materials! 


Currently in stock - $35/10rds - $65/20rd box

5.56mm Incendiary with Penetrator (API)

The 5.56mm M855 incendiary contians the Raufoss incendiary compound with an M855 style penetrator.  The incendiary compound is forward of the penetrator.  Upon impact the penetrator pierces the target and draws the incendiary compound into the target.


Currently in stock - $35/10rds - $68/20rd box

The 5.56mm Incendiary Tracer with Penetrator (APIT)

The 5.56mm Raufoss M855 incendiary tracer contians the Raufoss incendiary compound along with an M855 style penetrator as well as a bright ignition / bright trace tracer element that is clearly visible in bright daylight and traces to 500m.  Upon impact the penetrator pierces the target and draws the incendiary compound into the target.  Any remaining tracer compound wil feed the incendiary burn upon impact.


Currently In Stock - $40/10rds - $80/20rd box

5.56mm Incendiary Tracer

The 5.56mm Raufoss tracer, (Rof/Tr), traces 500m, (min.), and explodes upon impact with a hard target.  It is a fantastic training aid, and is a very popular, versatile projectile.  Tracer color is available in red, green, yellow, orange or white with combinations of tracer color to create ranging tracer.  Standard in stock color is green trace, please allow additional time for other colors.  If you desire a color not listed please call us and we will see if we can meet your request.  This ammunition has a light green over red tip code, (not what is pictured above, blue/red).  


Limited Production - $35/10rds - $68/20rd box