7.62NATO / Tracer and Incendiary Ammunition

NOTE: We occasionally get very hard to find 7.62NATO / .308win ammunition in stock.  We have or have had HEAPI, API and AP in .30 caliber / 7.62NATO.  Please call for pricing AND AVAILABILITY.

7.62NATO Roufoss High Explosive Incendiary


The 7.62mm Roufoss High Explosive Incendiary, (HEI),  but with 14.7gr of incendiary compound and is even more capable of igniting heavy fuels such as diesel and kerosene.  It is 90% more powerful than the standard 7.62mm incendiary.  This ammunition produces an extremely large, brilliant white explosion upon impact and large volumes of smoke.  Brisance or "sparks" are visible radiating out from the point of impact.  Use caution when using this ammunition as it is easily able to ignite flammable materials! 


Currently in stock - $45/10rds - $88/20rd box

7.62NATO Raufoss Incendiary Tracer

7.62NAto / .308Win. Roufoss incendiary Tracer.  This 145gr FMJ projectile traces to the point of impact then detonates the raufoss incendiary, (HEI), compound.  The tracer is bright ignition and bright trace and is clearly and easily visible in daylight.  The incendiary produces a large bright flash and a cloud of smoke and is capable of igniting diesel and kerosene heavy fuels.  Provides instant feedback on tracectory and point of impact to the shooter and observers.  All tracer colors available; including green, red, white, orange, yellow and combinations to create ranging tracer.  


Limited Production - $50/10rds - $95/20rd box

7.62NATO Incendiary

Our 7.62NATO incendiary utilizes a smaller quantity of Roufoss HEI incendiary compound and is extremely effective at igniting highly flamable materials  The full metal jacket, (FMJ), incendiary projectile detonates on impact with a hard surface and produces a brilliant white flash and a large cloud of smoke making it ideal for immediate feedback to the shooter and observers.  Use caution when using this ammunition as it is able to ignite flammable materials!  This ammunition has a blue tip code.


Currently in stock - $30/10rds - $58/20rd box

7.62NATO Green Tracer

This ammunition is loaded with a bright ignition / bright trace green tracer bullet that traces to 500m.  The tracer is clearly and easily visible when shooting in bright sunlight.  This ammunition utilizes a lighter weight bullet so POI may not exactly match.  It will function in all firearms and MGs (including beltfeds).


Currently in stock    $20/10rds - $38/20rd box